Super Cup Team Spotlight – Aces Fastpitch 14U

By jess

Aces 14u

Coming out of the HFL, the youngest team playing in the Super Cup finals is the Aces Fastpitch 14u team, coached by Joel Garcia. This young group of players first started playing together in 2020 as the Aces first elite 10u team. They earned 3rd place last year at the Alliance national tournament as a 12u team. They were ready and eager to make the move to 14u and continue to put in the work to remain one of the best teams in the country, while coming from the Midwest and representing the HFL.


The following are the Aces Fastpitch 14u players to watch this year at the Super Cup:

  • Cyarah “Cici” Dotts is a right-handed pitcher in the class of ‘27. Cici is coming out of Arkansas and has been with the Aces for two and a half years. She was named to the Alliance All-Tournament team in their 2022 3rd place run. Cici is ranked in the top 25 players for her class by extra innings.
  • Taryn Stoner is a left-handed pitcher also in the class of ‘27. Taryn is coming out of Iowa and is a new addition to the organization. She is a hard throwing lefty who has excellent control of the ball and commands the strike zone. Taryn is also ranked in the top 25 players for her class by extra innings.
  • Ava “Tootie” Garcia is an infielder in the class of ‘27. Tootie is coming out of Arkansas. She is a true triple threat with the bat. She is a lefty slapper with excellent speed who can also hit home runs.
  • Emillie Curry is a corner in the class of ‘28. Emillie is coming out of Oklahoma. She has lots of power and has put up big numbers for this Aces team. She has already hit 5 home runs in 2 tournaments. She has continued to put up big numbers with lots of RBIs and a low strikeout count.
  • Braylyn Saenz is a shortstop in the class of ‘28. Braylyn has a lot of heart and a lot of hustles. She knows the game very well. She is a lefty with a strong arm and a lot of pop and power off the bat.


Coach Garcia enjoys the Alliance because it allows his team to continuously play against the best teams and coaches in the country. The competitiveness allows not only his players to grow, but also allows for him as a coach to grow. The Super Cup is unique in the sense that it is one day to battle the best of the best. Coach Garcia is excited for his team to gain experience in this year’s Super Cup, knowing that they’ll be able to come back next year in the same division and fight to win 2 Super Cup titles.


The Super Cup finals presented by EvoShield will take place on Tuesday, June 27 in Aurora, Colorado. To learn more about the Super Cup click HERE.