Super Cup Team Spotlight – Louisville Lady Sluggers

By jess

LLS Super cup

The Louisville Lady Sluggers are coached by Shannon Wathen and Kim Borders, the pair also coaches together at Campbellsville university. Wathen and Borders coach their Louisville Lady Sluggers team the way they coach their college team. They work to ensure that all players become the best versions of themselves they can be.


The following are the Louisville Lady Sluggers players to watch this year at the Super Cup:

  • Jaycie Goad is a middle infielder in the class of ‘26. It is Jaycie’s first full year with the team, she has a very positive attitude, and a great personality. She has great power at the plate with amazing footwork and smooth hands in the field.
  • Tori Payne is a pitcher in the class of ‘25. Tori is a dominant pitcher throwing 63-63 mph with great spin and great composure in the circle. She also hits for power and holds down the 4 spot in the lineup for the Lady Sluggers. Tori is extremely hardworking, competitive, and a fun kid to watch.
  • Layla Ogden is a pitcher in the class of ‘26. Layla throws hard and commands the zone. She also hits with a lot of power in the 3 spot in the lineup. She got 2nd place in the Alliance home run derby last year and is participating again in Colorado this year. She is the personality of the team, everyone’s hype girl, and an amazing teammate.
  • Hadley Borders is a catcher and outfielder in the class of ‘26. She is very outspoken and a great team leader, she has a coach’s mentality and the team respects and follows her. Hadley is very versatile and a very athletic player, she hits lefty and is the leadoff hitter for the team.
  • McLaine Hudson is a shortstop in the class of ‘26. McLaine is extremely athletic, she can make every play and make them look easy. She has power on offense yet can bunt for a hit at any moment. She is very fast and an excellent base runner.


The Louisville Lady Sluggers turned to Alliance because it is an organization designed for the best interest of the players, everything in the Alliance is geared toward competitiveness and recruiting. They are excited about playing in the Super Cup because it has the competitiveness they are looking for. The kids learn how to face adversity and deal with those high-pressure situations.


The Super Cup finals presented by EvoShield will take place on Tuesday, June 27 in Aurora, Colorado. To learn more about the Super Cup click HERE.