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Ashton Maloney

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Ash

Hometown: Liberty, Missouri

College Signee: University of Texas

Member League: HFL LOGO

Club Team: Aces Fastpitch

Positions: OF

Get to know her...

Cat Osterman

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life” - Muhammad Ali

I play soccer and I also enjoy painting and any type of crafts.

University of Texas

I chose the University of Texas because I fell in love with the campus and the tradition of winning they have. I love to compete and the coaching staff is one of the most competitive staffs I got the chance to meet. The business department at Texas is also one of the top programs in the nation which is the field I want to study.

I want to be like Tom Brady. Not because Tom Brady is the goat of football, but because of what he does to be the greatest. From his dedication to film, the weight room and practicing his determination and his heart in his sport truly are what lead him to success. Not only do I want to be the greatest, but I want to be hated in the aspect Tom Brady is, hated so much because of how good he is.

Although my parents and siblings were not collegiate athletes, my grandpa was an all American linemen at the university of Montana.

I want to win a World Series, but that’s what every softball player dreams of, I want to

When I was beginning to play sports, I used to cry to not have to play softball and only play soccer and basketball, but my dad told me that if I wanted to play soccer I had to try softball. Now I’m committed to a top program in the country and have fallen in love with every aspect of the game.