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Sydney Berzon

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Syd

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

College Signee: LSU

Member League: NEFL LOGO

Club Team: Fury Platinum X

Positions: P/1B

Get to know her...

Carley Hoover

"Serves me right for wishing on stars. The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work"

I like to cook, garden, paint, and just be outside.


LSU has a phenomenal coaching staff, amazing facilities, a really good family-like community that I am excited to join.

My brother Zach was a four year collegiate rower who served captain of his team at Hobart College, leading his 1V boat to IRA National Championship for 3 years.

I want to normalize the importance of both speed and spin as a pitcher, teaching and showing younger generations that to reach your highest potential as a pitcher, you need to develop both effective speed and spin.

I decided to leave home at the age of 14 to attend boarding school in Chattanooga, TN to be closer to my travel team and coaches to further my development as a softball player.