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Alexis Ramirez

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Lefty

Hometown: Whittier, CA

College Signee: UCLA

Member League: PCFL LOGO

Club Team: OC Batbusters Stith

Positions: C/1B

Get to know her...

Janell Wheaton

the hardest worker always wins, no matter if you are are brick layer or business man

I enjoy painting and reading books


I chose UCLA because of the class that the program embodies and the competitive, championship mindset the coaching staff and players have. It was also important to stay close to home so I could be close to family and see my younger sister grow up still. UCLA just felt like home.

I grew up watching Janell Wheaton and her game was something I tried to recreate because it was always intense and there was a leadership aspect that was quiet but shown by actions and work ethic.

My youngest sister, Hailey also plays travel ball for the Batbusters.
Mom was a song team captain all four years of her high school career and led them to win big time. Dad was an overall athlete and played baseball and football

I want my legacy to leave the sport or the school I play at better than I came into it. I want to leave it better and more positive, hoping to inspire the new generation and continue that competitive mindset of softball

Last year during covid I was hit in the face by a baseball and busted my lip open real bad. Bad in I needed over forty stitches and was in the hospital for hours. I also got a concussion and fractured my palate on the roof of my mouth. I was not even playing I was just watching a hitting lesson and ironically the person who hit the ball at my face is my best friend. so of course it was completely an accident, the ball found a hole in the net and just found my face. I was out for a while but I came back stronger and hungrier than ever so it turned out to be a positive in the end. And of course Hannah Coor, my best friend who hit me, is still my best friend and we laugh about it now.