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Elizabeth Moffitt

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Moff

Hometown: Prosper, TX

College Signee: Texas Tech University

Member League: TFL LOGO

Club Team: Texas Glory

Positions: C/1B

Get to know her...

Sara Pickering

There may be people that have more talent than you, but there's no excuse for anyone to work harder than you

Traveling with family and friends

Texas Tech University

Lubbock felt like home as soon as I stepped on campus. The environment was different and I immediately knew I could be there my next 4 years. The comfort was like no other and the girls on the team helped me feel like I belonged. I love how supportive the town is of the school. All the players and people in the town are very humbled, down to earth people.

Sara Pickering because her demeanor on the field was a fighter. Her passion for the game is so inspiring. The hard work she put in to become the player she was is what I always aspired to be. She is the most humble person you could ever meet and is the one of the biggest role models that I am fortunate to have in my life.

In 2019, my parents did ancestry DNA for fun and research family history and found on both sides of my parents had very close relatives. My dad had a half Aunt living in Ohio which is where my parents grew up and found Cherokee ancestry with many cousins. My grandmother on my mom’s side found her biological father along with nine half siblings and many cousins that we have met and know crazy they just lived three hours in Northern California. We now know where we get our athletic abilities since some of them are professional boxers. Our family tripled in size and family is very important to us. My sister Morgan played softball at an NAIA school in Iowa and is transferring this fall to go to school and play softball in Texas.

I want my legacy to be left as a humbled, hard driven, respectful softball player. I want to be remembered from who I am as a person not from any accomplishment or failure.

I am originally from California and moved to Texas September 2020 due to COVID. I was fortunate enough to be able to move. My family gave me an opportunity to play softball in Texas as well as Kevin Shelton. It was a struggle moving half way across the country and leave the home you grew up in. Looking back on my time in Texas I wouldn’ trade it for the world. Moving to Texas was the best decision my parents ever made for me because I not only was able to go to school and play school softball, but I was able to improve as a softball player under Texas Glory and grow as a person in the program. Kevin Shelton and the Texas Glory program I will be forever thankful for believing in me and helping me excel as a person and athlete.