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Gabrielle Rawls

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Gabby

Hometown: Spring, TX

College Signee: Texas Tech University

Member League: TFL LOGO

Club Team: Impact Gold Jackson

Positions: OF

Get to know her...

Odicci Alexander

God is within her she cannot fail.

shopping, fishing, going out with friends

Texas Tech University

I chose this college because of all the supportive people on campus. From my strength and conditioning coach to the athletic administrators I can tell they truly want the best for me. Also the environment is unbeatable, its everything I imagined college to be, and I know that I can go into Tech and help grow the softball program!

Kendra Falby; she’s just such a well rounded player, and in my opinion one of the best in the game right now. She has so many tools that she uses, and I know that if I continue working hard I can be recognized like how she is. I love her energy when playing, and she’s just a great player to watch!

Mom & dad own their own business, and they both deal with helping people’s mental health.

I want to be a well know softball player. I want to be a role model to every person, I want people to think highly of me as a softball player just by hearing my name, and I plan to leave a positive long lasting impression on everyone I come in contact with. When people hear Gabby Rawls I want them to think, “Wow, I enjoy watching her play, she’s great.”

Me family & I are originally from North Carolina , and one day my parents felt God tell them to move to Houston, Texas to better our life and after many questions and wondering why when we have no family or friends out here we moved to Texas going into my 5th grade year. Ever since, we’ve been blessed with new business openings, new and better opportunities, and I’ve been blessed with great friends, new family, and a softball career! I can’t thank God enough and also my parents for being obedient!