20220519_231630 - Pickle Winkler


Madison Winkler

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Pickle

Hometown: Crofton, KY

College Signee: University of Louisville

Member League: SEFL LOGO

Club Team: Louisville Lady Sluggers 18u - Huecker

Positions: 2B/OF

Get to know her...

Griffin Joiner

Finish stronger than you started -Glenn Bradley

Binge watching horror movies with my brothers, playing with my dog and my horse

University of Louisville

The coaching staff saw me as a person instead of just a player. The campus is only 2 hours from my hometown and I felt at home when I walked into the college.

AJ Andrews. I love her style of hitting and how passionate she is about the game. I watched her videos growing up and tried to replicate how she played and be just like her.

My great grandmother, grandmother, and mother all went to the University of Kentucky. I am the first person in the family to attend the University of Louisville and I broke the chain of women in the family attending Kentucky.

I want younger girls to see that a small town girl from Kentucky can make it big. I want them to see that hard work and dedication is never overlooked and that no matter where you come from, you choose where you go and what you do when you get there.

When I was born, the doctors broke my collarbone. All the bruises turned green and I swelled up really bad. My dad looked at me and said I looked like a pickle. And in turn, I have been called Pickle since the day I was born.