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Long-Term Deal Will Develop Training Facilities, Instructional Curriculum, and Programming


November 3, 2022EL1 Sports (EL1), a leading national youth sports training company, and The Alliance Fastpitch (The Alliance), a national league system for amateur fastpitch teams and stakeholders working together to grow softball, today announced a new partnership to accelerate the growth and unity of women’s fastpitch softball from the youth through collegiate levels.


The primary focus of the agreement is on the creation of new “licensed facilities” around the country. These state-of-the-art indoor softball training centers will operate partly or wholly under The Alliance brand and will be operated by EL1. The Alliance and EL1 will also create a platform to support the professional development of former and current fastpitch players with careers in instruction, facility management, business development, and general corporate careers. As part of the agreement, EL1 will become “The Official Youth Softball Training Facility Partner of The Alliance Fastpitch.”


“Although the fanbase and interest in softball has grown in recent years, the game has lacked the same investments in facilities, training, and infrastructure afforded to other sports,” said Griff Long, CEO of EL1 Sports. “We are working together with The Alliance to flip that script and create greater unity, and more valuable training and playing opportunities for softball players.”


The jointly developed facilities will be similar to existing operations conducted by EL1 and The Alliance – but will combine The Alliance’s expertise in softball with EL1’s highly regarded instructional curricula, “Powered By” support for teams, and integration of technology to become magnets for innovative softball training and programming.  The Alliance and its leadership currently operate five training centers including Batbusters’ Sports Training Complex in Anaheim, CA, and the Bombers’ Performance Lab in San Marcos, TX. EL1 has 14 existing facilities including the EL1 Sports facility in Woodinville, WA, and the Dodgers Training Academy in Redondo Beach, CA.


“The Alliance was formed out of a need for more cohesiveness in youth softball,” commented Jami Lobpries, Ph.D., CEO of The Alliance. “Almost all of the tournament providers and softball organizations around the country operate independently and lack the ability to pool their buying power for services or to coordinate their seasons for national tournaments and championships. The founding partners of The Alliance thought it was more beneficial for the sport if we worked together, and now we are joining forces with EL1 to better serve our fastpitch community by creating new and improved common solutions to establishing training facilities, instructional curricula, and professional networking opportunities. It’s the perfect match of two organizations focused on the athlete.”


The partnership supports both EL1 and The Alliance’s efforts to expand access and increase participation in softball. In March, EL1 entered into a partnership with Major League Baseball as its “youth baseball and softball training partner” with the goal of expanding access to underserved populations and communities and growing fan interest by increasing participation in sport. EL1 also acquired Quickball, the fast-paced baseball and softball sport and instructional program in July, and recently announced the acquisition of five more baseball and softball facilities in the Philadelphia and Detroit metro areas. Launched in August 2020, The Alliance Fastpitch operates eight member leagues and has successfully executed two full seasons of competitive play culminating with the Alliance Fastpitch Championship Series (AFCS), while offering its members access to some of the best resources in the game.




About EL1 Sports

EL1 is a national youth sports training company created by athletes, coaches and educators who believe in the transformative power of sport. Operating under numerous banners (including EL1 Baseball, the Dodgers Training Academy, Softball University, and Premier Sports Tournaments), the company provides expert instruction and a full suite of administrative solutions in the service of athletes, teams, organizations, tournaments, and events. Co-founded in 2010 by former Seattle Mariners prospect Aaron Trolia and former collegiate football player Jameel Cante, EL1 is adept at creating and operating instructional facilities, and helping current operators to reinvigorate their facilities. The company takes great pride in its ability to offer career paths in instruction and management to professional baseball and top collegiate softball alumni/players who wish to continue to give back to the game once their playing days are over. For more, visit el1sports.com.


About the Alliance Fastpitch

Founded in 2020, the Alliance Fastpitch is a member-based organization focused on organizing and unifying fastpitch softball through Member Leagues and a cohesive network of athletes, coaches, and parents. The goal is to drive athlete-centric programming and development-based resources that raise the standard for our sport. The Alliance Fastpitch is the result of grassroots collaboration and a vision for change by youth fastpitch leaders across the country. The eight Member Leagues within the Alliance Fastpitch are the Pacific Coast Fastpitch League, Heart of America Fastpitch League, Northeast Fastpitch League, Rocky Mountain Fastpitch League, Southeastern Fastpitch League, Texas Fastpitch League, Northwest Fastpitch League and Atlantic Coast Fastpitch League. The Alliance helps create unity among the leagues in regard to (1) Team & Individual Stats and Leaderboards (2) Post Season Play (3) Point Systems and (4) Player Recognition and Identification Program. The Alliance Fastpitch, along with the associated Member Leagues, promotes competitive and purposeful play that prepares athletes on and off the field. Visit www.thealliancefastpitch.com or follow the Alliance Fastpitch on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.