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Brooke Carey

Quick Facts

Hometown: Castle Rock, CO

College Signee: Campbell University

Member League: RMFL LOGO

Club Team: CO Batbusters 18u Gold Smith

Positions: 3B, OF

Get to know her...

Hailey Cruz

Posture Big, Memory Short, Bounce Back Quick

traveling, hanging out with friends, playing with my dog.

Campbell University

I have always loved the east coast and the coaches made me feel valued and wanted. I also just loved the way it made me feel, I knew I could call it home. They also have great academics.

Honestly not just one athlete in particular, but I do try and model some of the characteristics of teammates, opponents and other athletes that I see and value what they bring to the game. Something I value a lot is body language and class and when I see others that show well in both of those I really try and model that. Last I would say my brother is a model to me for his hard work and I envy how hard he works to succeed in baseball and life.

My brother is a freshman at University of Nebraska and starts at 3rd base.

I just want to show that no matter where you come from you can make your dream happen if you work for it and surround yourself with people who support you and make you better.

When I was younger I was I riding a scooter following my brother and I fell on my face. I ended up with road rash and scraps all over my face and arms. I have a scar on my nose and it scraped off my freckles.