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Olivia Branstetter

Quick Facts

Hometown: Liberty, MO

College Signee: The University of South Alabama

Member League: HFL LOGO

Club Team: Aces Fastpitch

Positions: SS, 3B

Get to know her...

Jessi Warren

"Don't worry about the things you can't control."

spending time with family and friends and traveling

The University of South Alabama

The competitive atmosphere. The amazing coaches and the awesome weather

I have a twin brother. My parents are high school sweethearts.

I want people to remember me as the player who left all she had on the field and to be the hardest working player on the field.

I have had 16 stitches in my head from two different occasions. The first 8 I got while playing baseball using a mini broom stick. My brother swung the stick, and the top flew off and hit me in the forehead. The second occasion I was playing kick ball in the basement and the fan got hit with the ball and the fan blade flew off and also hit me in the head.